Monday, April 12, 2010

Green Power......Go For It ...!!!

The successful launch of Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to enact the Big bang is the new finding in the western world. It has come at the time when we, the humans, are not certain how the ecosystem and world would look after few centuries. At this point of the time question how we evolved may not be that important as that to how we are going to stay and survive.

In past few decades, India has contributed in many ways towards the global development, with 90% contribution coming from technology and innovations. India has shown its commitment towards alternative source by developing the natural gas grid infrastructure to counter the energy crisis while maintaining control over the global warming. Though the natural gas was discovered 300 BC, the technology has been slow to use the new found source in most efficient manner. The high cost of energy coupled with toxic emission is making the new technocrats to think out of box and come up with new and practical ideas. Thus, the young generation is challenging the conventional ways to develop the unique blend of solutions to fulfill the energy demand of the globe. In this regard, Dr Rajesh Iyer through his meticulous research of 10 years under the guidance of Dr S A Channiwala has developed the dedicated Natural Gas engine technology which configures the optimum use of fuel and its combustion properties. This technology offers increased power output to the tune of 15% to 30% with natural gas as fuel as against the present conversion kit based technology which suffers from a power drop of 15% to 30 %. Further, this high power output is achieved at increased thermal efficiency of the order of 30 %. To cite the performance, Dr. S.A. Channiwala affirms that a 100 cc automotive engine offering a mileage of 60 km per litre on petrol delivers 121 km per kg with this technology. Similarly, a 15 kW petrol engine develops 18 kW of power on CNG. This means, a net savings on fuel cost to the tune of 40 – 60 % is proved.

Thus the invention of Dr. Rajesh Iyer and Dr. Channiwala is not only to replace the conventional kit for natural gas but to take the usage of natural gas to higher platforms with their patented indigenous technology which has been validated and evaluated by the best brains of IIT’s and foreign universities. The new technology has been tried and tested on engines of various capacities and it can be the new replacement for current technology that uses natural-gas and bio-gas. Moreover, due to easy abundance of the fuel it can be an excellent substitute for solar and wind energy for power generation. To validate the claim of new invention Dr. Rajesh opined that this technology will set a new milestone in the era of dedicated gas engine technology and apparently, in the Indian history of engine technology till now there has been no successful indigenous engine manufacturer. That makes Dr Rajesh and Dr. Channiwala, the first Indian to have come up with unique and innovative technology, which they plan to commercialize in the near future and claim to achieve the goals of any fuel cell technology in 1/10th of its cost with better results and more practical solutions in both mobile and stationary applications.

Prior to donning the role of inventor and entrepreneur, Dr Rajesh has been the faculty in various premier technical institutes in India, also worked as Head of R&D in Sagas Autotec Pvt Ltd. Dr Rajesh is also one amongst the 30 scientists who represented India in first Indo-German Symposium held at Chennai in Oct 2009. His new invention under the aegis of Dr. Channiwala, an alumni of IIT Mumbai, an Ex-Director and presently professor in Mechanical Engineering Department of Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat, has already generated furor and inquisitiveness in the global scenario. Leading players in automotive and energy sector from US and Asia have already extended their hands to join this new revolution. Thus, it is time for us to capitalize upon the bandwagon of power revolution.